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Do you still work on the game?

Yes we still do.

Enter my FPS game jam if you want to compete against other games (if anyone else joins).

Looks good

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hello.. the game is awesome and everything but i have a low spec laptop, it got Intel Pentium 2 Dual Core and 3.00gb RAM and it's 64x Windows 10

Can You Please optimize it for low spec devices?

Hey BiBo,

Great that you do like the game but with suchs a low spec laptop will optimization be impossible.

its a to low spec and officially not ment to play games on.

We are working on a graphics overhaul with reworked performance but it will nowhere close to those specs as we simply have to down scale so much that the plans we currently have are not possible.

Okay thanks, i guess im gonna buy a new pc/laptop soon :) thanks for replying! :D

This great MMO war game just need some optimization.

how much ,,gb" memory i must have?

At least more than 3. But if you had good processor or GPU the FPS maybe could be better.

I play on 4gb and the FPS still 30

Is this game still alive?

Yes it is we are working very hard on complete game changers such as new graphics, new models, new tanks, new physics and more.

good i will try it also

cant seem to find a swerver or something its says timedout

oh thank god this game is still alive...

P.S. : need some optimization

Lots of fun, but I can't figure out how to start a bot game with full access jets and boats, only tanks. Would like more control options, like remapping flight controls, and look inversion for tanks and boats.

It keeps saying stuff like "failed to run new launcher" and stuff. In short, I cant play it

The launcher will not work if you not run as a administrator. 

Me and others doesn't have this problem because we run as administrator.

Are there bots in this game?

Yes there are.

If you enjoy don't forget to give it a 5 star rating.

I gave this game a trust rating on Norton :)


Don't forget to give this game a 5 star rating here on

Some things that will make this amazing game even better.

  1. Make explosions more realistic (parts flying everywhere).
  2. Add more plane types (bomber, stealth fighter).
  3. Add some more maps.
  4. Make water deeper.
  5. A way to suicide if you get stuck.
  6. Add helicopters.
  7. and just improve basic physics.

Thanks, this game is great.

Hey Jez,

I have good news for you we are already working on point: 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7. We are also working on tree destruction and better graphics.

For the Helicopters is no release date.

sounds good

We just releases update check all details about the update out at:

so i have played this game and it is good but i have one question does the rockets on the aircraft work

Yeah it works but I have seen it myself the last days aswell that the rockets have lag when firing.

It tells me that it couldn't open the archives. What do I do?

Download WinRar so you can open it. Secondly dont comment your post 5 times no need for that!

I didn't mean to, sorry.

Oh than that is weird.

Question: How do I launch as administrator if I download this through launcher?

Right mouse button on the icon than click on run as administrator.

Deleted 3 years ago

You have to run the program as administrator.


Removed. Sorry that we put the wrong information in.

I think a zip file would be better because they are far easier to open and for people like me who can't open them we can't play the game and thus limiting your gameplay


We got now a Zip and a RaR file.

Hopefully I helped you out this way.

hi developer how to become a plane and ship i want to be a plane but how to play as a plane?

This is possible I'm the game by clicking on the icon for a Jet, to play a ship you click on the icon of a boat and to be a tank on the icon of the tank. You can do this on the minimap.

is this have bots please make a bot its really cool it look like world of warship and world of tank if they mix it they will be member of war

Yeah the game is having bots but you can also play without them. Thanks for your comment.

Rating the game would be awesome if you enjoy.

are you kidding me? i really enjoy this game look there are have tank and ship it very cool how size this game if you download it?

1 GB

Please give our game a rating of 4 or more stars than here on

can´t download anything after intall the launcher, server is down, please fix it..

Could you make screen shot of your problem and send that in a comment. We can have a better eye on the problem than.

To fix your problem you have to run the launcher as Administrator. Only this way it can update the game. When you are ingame you have to register a account. You can host there your own server and play with bots or online player can join you if you dont put a password on the server.

The server that you will host will be running from one main server.

The servers are currently up aswell they are 24/7 online only the official ranked online game servers are running between this times:

Monday - Thursday : 7pm - 10pm
Friday : 7pm - 11pm
Saterday : 2pm - 11pm
Sunday : 2pm - 10pm

You can also ofcourse make your own server.

Hopefully we helped you out this way.

Really love this game but gave it 4 stars thats mainly because of my own opinion because I find the flying in the planes/jets really difficulty and the right mouse aim doesn't got croshairs does that come?

I'm not that good in English but awesome game.

Super gaaf spel ik geniet nu al van het spelen.

Awesome game really like it. Goodjob on the camo customization.