Release - Complete Revision

Hey Captains, Commanders and Pilots,

It has been quite sometime since we lastly updated Member of War but are really exited to announce our newest release what brings new sound updates, weapon replacements, new HD models, Secondary Turrets, bug fixes and many more.

Expect soon a full update video on our channel about Release find all the new features down below:


  • Disabled sci-fi weapons and modules: laser guns, plasma guns, lightning guns and energy shields
  • Added artillery mode
  • Removed tank battle mode
  • Modified domination mode (reverted control points instead of control areas)
  • New ships and naval weapons
  • Added breakable trees
  • Disabled AA machine gun
  • Added reloading of decoy flares and removed limit of flares
  • Modified aircraft weapon system
  • Limited number of barrels in tank rocket launcher to 4
  • Upgraded Unity engine to version 2017.3
  • New tank physics (smoothed rotation of tanks)
  • Smoothed weapon rotation
  • Improved vehicle movement synchronization
  • New console system
  • Improved Winkelhock model
  • Improved sound effects
  • Remastered vehicle masks
  • New appearance of in-game GUI
  • New models and effects of missiles
  • Reduced delay of first shot (added asset preloading)
  • Improved shadows
  • Modified game to real world distance modifier
  • Programmed bots to use less ships
  • Added bullet pass-by sound effect
  • Modified minimap markers (friendly vehicle types, real sizes)
  • Added bullet hit marks
  • Added rotation limits for weapon platforms (used in ships)
  • Disabled network observers, made infinite weapon ranges and new damage-at-range modifier
  • Few optimisations
  • Fixed bullet ricochets on client side
  • Fixed disappearing of GUI background after changing resolution

    We hope you will all enjoy and that we will see you back at the battlefield.

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