Hello Commanders, Pilots and captains,

We are proud to introduce the new update of Member of War. We got alot fo new stuff going on and we hope you will enjoy.

Release Features:

  • Added multiple weapons per vehicle
  • Introduced new bullet synchronization system (removed rocket shoot delay)
  • Added weapon magazines and applied them to most weapons
  • Heavy Machine Gun was replaced by Heavy Autocannon
  • Light Machine Gun was replaced by Light Autocannon
  • Added new model for T1 Bryan
  • Improved steering of tracked vehicles
  • New laser functionality - it does not cause direct damage to the vehicles but only heat them; vehicles explode when overheated
  • Increased size of Ibiza map
  • Added influence of bullet and ray distance on its damage and visibility
  • Reduced CPU usage of AI
  • Added more audio settings
  • Added physical properties of the surfaces
  • Added new weapon accuracy mechanism
  • Added showing of weapon accuracy on the crosshair
  • Improved fog and horizon effects
  • Removed bloom effect
  • Improved heavy bullet appearance
  • Improved weapon sounds
  • Modified bullet damage and penetration mechanism
  • Removed additional armor selection, added new modules: armor upgrade and energy shield
  • Removed buying random vehicles
  • Modified some GUI features
  • Improved bullet hit effects
  • Fixed too glossy sand

    We hope to see you on the battlefield!

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